Wow, I have been slacking in the blogging world this month. Wow. And I have zero excuse, absolutely zero. I’m not working right now, so in theory I have endless time for reading. Endless time for blogging. And while I still have been reading a lot, I just haven’t felt like blogging. Writing has felt like a chore. Taking pictures of my books for my bookstagram has felt like a chore. I’m losing my passion for everything that surrounds books other than reading them. I’m also struggling with coming up with blog post ideas, and keeping up with the other book bloggers I follow. I think I might download the WordPress app to see if that makes it easier to keep up with other blogs. Any who… here is my February Reading Wrap Up!

Books Read In February

A Date With Darcy by Tiffany Schmidt

Rating: 3/5 Stars

This book was a bit young for me. I picked it up because I thought that book heartthrobs appearing in the real world sounded kinda cool! In reality though, it was more like the guys already in Merri’s life had similar characteristics to the boys she was reading about in Romeo & Juliet and Pride and Prejudice. Her life actually mirrored those stories. So I don’t think the synopsis was that accurate or I just completely misread it. This was a quick read, didn’t spend too much time on it so I don’t regret reading it.

STAGS by M.A. Bennett

Rating: 4/5 Stars

This was an unexpected 4 star read! I am a sucker for books taking place at boarding schools, so I decided to give this one a try. It came out within the last year, but I’ve heard no one mention it and have never heard of the author. I’d say it was only about 40% dialogue and the rest was description. Usually not what I gravitate towards, but there was something about the mystery of this that pulled me right in! It was even a slow build up, which again, not usually a fan of. Def recommend if you like books about boarding schools, mystery, and well… murder. 🔪

Evermore by Sara Holland

Rating: 3/5 Stars

I’ll start off by saying this was no where near as good as Everless. Nothing really happened in Evermore, besides at the very beginning and at the very, very end. I was excited when I first started reading because it picked up right away with Jules and Caro dueling with each other. Then the rest of the book was Jules just running around trying to find the damn knife, and trying to “protect” her friends by pushing them away. Ugh. Idk… kind of disappointing with it. Didn’t suck me in to the world and the story like Everless did. There was also hardly any dialogue. It was all description and Jules talking to herself and over analyzing everything in her head. Oh well. At least it’s just a duology. 👀

Books I Started Reading In February

Providence by Caroline Kepnes

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Ended up finishing this a few days ago, so here’s the full review. I kind of wish I didn’t read this… I loved Kepnes’s You, but this one doesn’t hold a candle. The three POV’s were a little annoying. Especially Eggs. I mean, yeah, they all come together in the end, but I really didn’t care about Eggs’ life. Jon is given this special “power”, but HOW? WHY? These questions are never answered. Maybe that’s the “charm”, “leave it up to your interpretation”. But I’m not charmed, and my interpretation is that I’m enraged. The story went round, and round, and the ending didn’t leave me satisfied what-so-ever.

Blogs Posts Published In February

January Reading Wrap Up

Top 5 Romance Reads

….and that’s it. Merp.

Books Added To My TBR Shelf In February

TV Shows I’ve Been Loving

The Bachelor: This past week’s episode was cray. I can’t stand Colton or Cassie. Or who is rumored to be the next bachelorette…

Ex On The Beach: This show is so ridiculous, but it’s a guilty pleasure…

Umbrella Academy (Netflix): Currently on episode 6, and it’s getting a little slow… but a very interesting concept.

The Challenge: These seasons have a very quick turnaround time, but I ain’t mad!

February Song Obsessions

Satisfied (feat. MAX) – Shift K3Y Remix

Better Now by Anevo, Trove

Guard Down by Fluencie, Daym

The Last Of The Real Ones (Milk N Cookies Remix)

And that’s a wrap on February! I’ve really gotta find my motivation this month… What do you do when you’re feeling unmotivated to read or blog?