The Holiday season is fast approaching! And good for you if you braved the crowds to hit up all the Black Friday sales! I, for one, stayed in the comfort of my own home on Friday and did a little online shopping. If you’re anything like me, and still have no idea what to get your mom, sister, aunts, friends etc. etc. for gifts, I put together a little gift guide filled with fun, yet inexpensive, gift ideas.

1. What Did You Meme Card Game: I saw this card game circling the internet a few weeks ago and thought it would make a great gift! I feel like it’s about on par with Cards Against Humanity so you may want to save this one for your friends or siblings. It’s also a good gift if you’re going to any Secret Santa parties or Yankee swaps because after the gift exchange is over, you can bust out this game to play with the group!

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2. Wireless Earbuds: Pretty much everyone has earbuds, but not everyone has wireless earbuds! These are great for any friends that love to hit the gym so the cord won’t get in their way while exercising. There are tons of different brands, styles, colors, and price ranges of wireless earbuds so do your research beforehand to see which one’s you think are the best

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3. Phone Car Mount: Everyone nowadays uses their phone’s GPS to get around. It can be very dangerous and unsafe to hold your phone in one hand while grasping the steering wheel with the other. This phone car mount clips right into your car’s air vent so it sits conveniently next to your steering wheel for hans free navigating. This gift is practical for pretty much everyone in your life, and again, they come in many different sizes and price ranges.

Buy It Here on Amazon: $8.99

4. Pop Sockets: These are all the rage lately and make an excellent small gift for all your friends or as a stocking stuffer. Pop sockets stick to the back of your phone making it easier to hold and scroll with one hand. They come in hundreds of different designs and can easily come off and re-stick if you want to change your phone’s case.

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5. Nail polish: Every girl could use a little more nail polish in her life! At least that’s what I always say. Fun fact: you’ll almost never find me without nail polish on my fingers and toes. Take advantage of gift sets during the holiday season. You get more products for a cheaper price. Makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora have tons of nail polish gift sets, but if you’re looking for a cheaper brand, you can even find them at CVS or Walgreens. If you’re looking for gifts for your group of friends, you can even buy one nail polish gift set and take it apart so every friend gets one or two nail polish instead of a whole set! Gifting on the cheap, you’re welcome! 😉

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Hope this Wicked Good Gift Guide helps with some of your holiday shopping woes! I chose to omit books from this gift guide because that could be a whole other post in itself!! Happy Holidays!